Build Your Digital Enterprise Mobile to Mainframe

We have an experience of 15 years of converting your unique and bold ideas into a reality. Custom android OS developer has the authority of extending the login mode, protecting the device by a password or to make the device available for multiple users. The Android and OS allow the developers to replace the build-in shell by a user’s application and solution for those task is custom Android launcher. As it helps in running android in single task mode or to limiting the apps for the users. Custom Android, OS development could not be deleted or updated by the device users. WADIC can help you in outsourcing an embedded android part, connect devices, and give you the power to use the Android in full potential. Access to system resources, automation tools for device deployment and other possibilities, the power is limitless.

Mainframe Economics

Get a cost-effective, predictable and scalable business solutions.

Skills Management

Get access to well-vetted industrial talent; mainframe developer, mainframe application developer and avoid overhead costs.

Intelligent operations and Automation

Fully operational and technical support capabilities followed by IT-based procedures.

Business Agility

Robust agile services aligned with your business needs.

Security and compliance

Secure your operating environments under one platform.


Managed solutions enabling focus on in-house IT operations

Mainframe Economics

Mainframe provides you with high tech operational support which is thoroughly aligned with disciplines and controls which are critical in delivering cost-effective mainframe economics.

Skills Management

To manage critical applications of mainframe data, to deliver continuous testing, delivery, and feedback on solutions, requires skills management. WADIC is an agile mainframe solution for your enterprise.